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... For the Children, the Community and the Club

The Story Inventors Club is in its "Once upon a time..." stage, an exciting moment for its organizers as well as a time of opportunity for a community that is rebuilding its confidence and reassuring its children.


The Club exists to support elementary-age children in and around Uvalde, Tex. Like all children everywhere, their minds abound with wonder and worry, with imagination and imagery. We want to give them opportunities to write it out, to compose their stories and share them with the world. They'll be learning communication skills along the way.


How You Can Help
We invite you to read our story on this site and join us in this seminal prose and poetry undertaking. Through your donations--plus your suggestions as we move forward together--we can help a new generation of writers emerge. Our society will be enriched by their vivid young imaginations. They will introduce us to timeless new characters. Startle us with fresh ideas. And grace us all with hope.

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