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HOW TO HELP CHILDREN   ... Learn Some Important Life Skills

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Writing is a discipline. While creative talent is innate, developing it requires effort and training. Schools don't have enough hours in a day to teach it. To nurture writing talent in children, a program such as this one requires financial resources for ongoing expenses. Pencils and paper, electronic keyboards and screens. To pay boarding and travel costs of accomplished writers coming to Uvalde to instruct and inspire. To pay venue rentals. To provide tokens and rewards for club members who complete an organized activity sponsored by The Story Inventors Club. And so on.

PLEASE NOTE: No one affiliated with this 501(c)(3) organization receives financial or in-kind compensation. We are volunteers.

How to Donate

If you can support this educational venture, we will be grateful. More important, the kids will thank you. Coming here soon: Details on how to donate.  

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